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“Had my first reiki treatment ever with Paul and it was an incredible experience! Felt total relaxation as he did his energy work and could feel the energy/heat radiating from his hands, my mind felt so much clearer during and even after the treatment. Can’t wait to book again!”

~Andrea Cleveland

Paul is a true master! Reiki for me is a very calming and restful experience that completely grounds me. Over the years, Reiki has helped me deal with incredible stress and allowed me to stay focused and grounded.

I can’t say enough about how therapeutic it to experience Reiki with Paul. He’s truly gifted.

~Beth Spegal

For the past year I have been going to Paul for Reiki energy healing. I literally felt like I was on the verge of a Mental Breakdown before I saw him.

Our bodies need energy healing. They need a tune up. Paul is amazing at what he does. Please reach out to Paul if you would like Reiki session.

I can also share my experiences with you as well or answer any questions. I am on a self healing journey!

~Vanessa Dixon

Paul is a natural born healer who has helped me immensely. After my first session I immediately felt calm, present, and focused- something my anxiety rarely lets me feel. Since I began working with Paul, my chronic migraines, back pain, and anxiety has improved dramatically.

I have also recently had knee surgery and was struggling with my recovery. I came in for a session to promote healing, and it did wonders for me. I am walking better, having less pain and swelling, and the bruising has diminished. Paul is truly amazing and I would highly recommend a Reiki session with him.

~Christie Lamb

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